A Vigorous Move

Greetings, Summoners!

A new Event is on the way! The Goddess will inspire the forces of Good in the fight against Morganter. Her support will grant you the strength to overcome the difficulties ahead!

The change starts today

We are monitoring the data regarding all game matters every day. The feedback received from you, our community, is highly appreciated and taken into consideration when discussing the changes.

One of the changes on the way will impact the Vigor gain and consumption.

During the Event, we will reduce the price of Element Lord, Team Instances, Goblin Trove, and Phantom Abode runs by 50%.

  • Element Lord (cost 50% off) → 04/03-07/03(10:00 UTC)
  • Team Instances (cost 50% off) → 07/03(10:00 UTC)-09/03(10:00 UTC)
  • Goblin Trove (cost 50% off) → 09/03(10:00 UTC) – 11/03(10:00 UTC)
  • Phantom Abode (cost 50% off) → 11/03(10:00 UTC) – 13/03(10:00 UTC)

Complete up to 15 King’s Warrant tasks every day from March 4th to March 11th(10:00 UTC).

After the Event, we will continue with the readjustment of all possible ways of Vigor gain.

Other changes coming with the March 4th Update:

  • Tea Room in the Bonuses tab will grant double rewards – 120 Vigor instead of 60 Vigor.
  • We have added Vigor (60) Potion to Daily Supervalue Pack.
  • Rebate Card Energy Pack is now in the shop.
  • We have reduced the difficulty of Goblin Manager.

Thank you for your feedback and patience.

Good luck, Summoners!

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