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“Lionstale Games – A place where Gamers and Game Developers meet”

Where to start..?

Chances are you already know someone from our team and have conversed via Discord about a game or something. If not, well… to each their own.

We are just gamers, like everyone here. We’ve all grown up staring at the screen, cleaning the dust off of cartridges to make the game work. Cutting class to play, even ditching girls and friends just to level up our beloved characters a bit more.

The truth, we all grew up afraid that one day we would have to quit playing and start living the “responsible life” or the “grown-up live”. Naturally, it only made us play even harder and, now, gaming IS our life. This can only mean two things – we either made a living off of it, or we never grew up in the first place.

I tend to lean to the first possibility, although the second one would explain a lot of things happening daily.

Who are we?

Lionstale Games studio is a small team of people who built up and run the Blue Moon Game website.

Lionstale Games is Blue Moon Game, only with a different focus. BMG was our first success at making something serious and it is a website dedicated to gaming instructional content…walkthroughs, guides, reviews, and news from the industry.

Through the course of four years and counting, we’ve grown close to people from all walks of the gaming industry, both the audiences and developers, which happened gradually through our work. Before we were even aware of it, we became a kind of an intermediary between the two, and this is what Lionstale is.

Lionstale Games is a place to bring game developers and gamers together!

We exist to give the audience a place to be heard and to encourage the game developers to hear it. This is particularly true for the games we represent here.

We are the advocates for the community and we bring the case back to the developers, be it pleasant or otherwise. Game developers often focus solely on their product, losing sight of what really matters and that’s what the audience thinks of it.

Our Team

We’ve founded BlueMoonGame in 2017. Through the four years passed, we’ve morphed into an even smaller team, but with a higher focus and, hopefully, a higher purpose. Reporting on games and the happenings in the industry is one thing, but being involved directly in the process of shaping the game is what we really want to do.

We present to you these games that we’ve directly helped shape, with community feedback and our own gaming experience in mind. We also dedicate this site and all our channels to serve as ultimate resources for ultimate fun! Enjoy!


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