Apocalypse Unfolds

Have you ever wondered about how would an apocalypse look like and what would be the most probable answer to this question? Well, there has been a discussion about this topic for quite some time now.

Before we start analyzing this, let’s start with what apocalypse actually is. Today, we use the word apocalypse as a synonym for some sort of catastrophic disaster that ends the world as we know it in the most despicable manner. The actual word “Apocalypse” has a very different meaning. It comes from the Greek language and it’s a complex word. It consists out of the greek words “apo” which means “Un” (it’s mostly used as a prefix) and “Kapteyn” which means “cover”. So, the original meaning of the word was to uncover or to reveal something. The first time that this word was used to describe the end was in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. It basically says that God will reveal its true identity and the world as we know it will come to an end.

Now when we know what an apocalypse is, let’s talk about all the possible ways that our inevitable doom can fall upon us. Let’s start with the popular apocalyptic scenarios used in popular media. According to most popular books and movies, these are the ways this can happen:

1. A certain projectile from space hits the earth and ends all life on it as it did with dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

2. Some kind of disease of a deadly virus that we don’t have a cure for eventually wipes out our whole species.
Although this does sound kinda close to home considering the current events we were lucky enough to find a cure or at least some sort of a defense mechanism for every virus we’ve ever encountered.

3. Nuclear Holocaust
This one is probably the scariest of them all just from the fact that it can happen any day. If only one country in the world that has nuclear weapons declares war on the other this will eventually wipe out the civilization. This is also the most probable outcome if a WW3 ever happens.

4. Drastic climate change happens
This topic refers to natural causes such as the ice age, all vulcanos erupting at the same time, and the well-known Biblical flood. The ice age of course being the most probable one of the three.

5. Zombies
There’s not much to say about this one since the danger of this type of apocalypse happening in the real world is almost none. Although a personification on a human flesh-eating virus always comes in handy as a material for creating movies and video games.

6. Aliens
This one is used in various movies and novels. It’s all under the assumption that the super-advanced alien race would be hostile to humans for no other apparent reason other than that, being hostile.

7.AI – Artificial intelligence becoming conscious and turning against their makers (humans)
Some people say that this one is already happening and that we are not even aware of it. There’s no evidence to support this claim but it’s still fun to talk about because it can actually happen. If we find a way to somehow end consciousness into the AI’s code we will probably be doomed from that point on.

8. God
Inspiration for this topic comes from the certain book mentioned above, the book of Revelation. It’s basically always used in the same manner. Humans get overwhelmed by their sins and God suddenly appears and punishes them (or he burns a few cities down as he did with Sodoma and Gomorra).

9. Mother Nature
This refers to a personified version of nature itself. In a way, it’s pretty similar to AI one since that was man
versus the machine and this is Man against Nature. Human destroys Nature, Nature fights back and eventually destroys human, you get the general idea of it.

Now that we’ve covered all the ways that the directors and writers used in their creations, let’s talk about the most likely way that the world will end. According to scientists, there are two ways that this can happen. One of them will happen for sure and the other one depends on our ability to contain human urges and our greedy nature. The first one is called the Big Freeze and it refers to the universe expanding forever, making it a cold and isolated place until the temperature reaches absolute zero. Beyond that point, the molecular motion ceases and hence the existence of everything we know. The other way refers to us, humans slowly killing the planet thus killing ourselves in the process. Basically, you should think about this topic as if we were some sort of virus and if Earth was the host. Same as all viruses we also cant live without the host, so once the host is dead, if not being able to find another one, the virus dies too. As scary as this topic seems it’s definitely worth talking about and exchanging thoughts about it.

Will we be the ones that will decide our own fate or will the world end by something that we cannot control? Did we already reach the point of no return?