Beating the final boss

summoners glory

It’s rough…

We picked Summoners Glory for what it can be, an awesome gaming experience. Apart from huge overall potential, the social game mechanics we found in SG aligned perfectly with our main goal – community. We were so excited to start working, we wanted to show SG to the world.

How fast excitement turned into months of hellish nightmare…

Every beginning is hard, no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter how big you are, how much funds you have, the chances are, you are going to struggle at the start. A lot. We knew that, everyone does. Even gamers with the thinnest patience know that somewhere deep in the subconscious part of the mind. But that’s all fine, we were and still are prepared to forget our lives and dedicate every last piece of energy to do this thing. To make it right, as much as possible.

Sad truth is, you can patch the game, but you can’t patch people.

Working on the game, fixing problems, figuring out rebalance, turning Chinese English into English, and all the hard work became secondary if not tertiary to the arguing, meaningless back and forth explanations, and fake excuses.

We do not own the game code, and we don’t have access to the game code. Every request we make has to be realized by developers.

For example, if a player reports a problem, we will immediately record the issue with all details and send a report to developers for fixing. They can choose to ignore it, or maybe reset the server and say it’s fixed. As many players know, some bugs have been “fixed” dozens of times.

Do developers even play the game?
Short answer: No, they don’t.
Long answer: No, they definitely don’t.

Update anyone? The producer of the development team (the final boss) is simply disconnected from the game. This is a sad truth. No matter how vocal we all are, both players and our team, he will do whatever he decides in his closed mind. And to make things worse, he will just go ahead and make them live. Updates that no one asks that destroy half of the game.

At this point, he did critical damage to the project. He is an absolute SG meta-phantom, his abilities can not only wipe every team you can assemble but the whole game.

If You didn’t know, devs and the Producer are present in the Discord server. They are hiding, but they are there. They see and hear You, they just choose to ignore You.

As for us, if we can not force things to change, we may step back from the project. Our goals are clear, our hearts are in the community, that’s where we want to be, that’s where our home is. If we can’t make SG bring joy to gamers, we will find another game and make it awesome together.

You, gamers, are the only true power in the whole gaming industry. I pity people who do not recognize this.

We are not done fighting yet.