Guilds – The Improvement

Greetings, Summoners!

In today’s article, we will share our plans regarding the improvement of the Guilds in Summoners Glory: Redemption.

The Guilds are an important part of every MMO game. Adding new features will bring a breath of fresh air and competitiveness to our Guild communities

Note: Details and plans revealed in this article are subject to change. We will keep you updated on the process.

As you will see in the text below, this task brings a lot of changes. The plan is to introduce these changes in three steps, updates. Let’s check them out.

Phase one – The Communication

Phase one will introduce New Guild Chat Tab and Brand New Guild Shop.

New Guild Chat Tab

  • The already existing Chat tab will have one more channel – The Guild Chat tab. This channel will record the last 5,000 characters.

    The new Guild Chat tab will have an Announcement option. Guild administrators will publish the announcements to their Guild members via this option.

Brand New Guild Shop

  • A new Guild Shop with great offers is on the way. Spend Guild currency to obtain various items → Summoning Books, Vigor Potions, Royal Trove Keys, etc.

The original plan is to release Phase one improvements in the 2.0.3 update version. We will keep you updated.

Phase 2 – Enhancing the Gameplay

Phase one sets the ground for the exciting changes coming in this phase. We will introduce Brand New Guild Boss Gameplay, New Guild Personal Missions, and Brand New Guild Level mechanic.

Brand New Guild Boss Gameplay

  • The Guild Boss will be available to all members. No actions from the Guild leaders will be required to challenge the Guild Boss.
  • The Guild Boss will be on an X days cycle. The Bosses will change at the end of each cycle.
  • There will be special rewards based on the damage done to the Guild Boss at the end of the cycle.
  • The Guild Bosses will have multiple health bars of different colors and the amount of HP. The Bosses will have element affinities, and their skills will affect your formations differently based on these affinities.
  • Members of the Guild will have an option to challenge the Guild Boss 2 times a day.
  • Specific Guild Leaderboard will track your total accumulated damage to the Guild Boss.
  • When you challenge the Guild Boss, a fight with a limited amount of rounds will commence. Watch out! You will fail if you do not kill the Boss in X rounds.
  • The Guild Chat will have a Guild Events tab. It will display the damage information of members in each battle.

New Guild Personal Missions

  • Players will receive the tasks list randomly every day based on their level. Similar to Warrant quests, you will be able to complete a limited amount of tasks daily. These tasks will grant you Guild Experience and personal Guild Currency.

Brand New Guild Level

  • Finish various tasks and other activities to collect Guild experience. To upgrade the Guild level, Guild members will have to accumulate a sufficient amount of experience.
  • Sign in every day to receive personal Guild Currency and Guild Experience, and improve your sign-in rewards.
  • We will introduce Guild Donations. Use Gold and Diamonds to donate every day and receive Guild experience and personal Guild Coins.
  • Improving Guild Level will increase the maximum number of Guild members.
  • Improving Guild Level will increase the sign-in reward and the contribution reward.

Phase 3 – The Technology

The plan is to introduce a new Guild Technology feature to the game in patch 2.0.5.

Guild Technology

  • Players will be able to unlock various technology trees with personal Guild Coins. These will grant additional attributes and buffs.
  • Improving Guild Level will unlock better Guild Technologies, sign-in rewards, and contribution rewards.

We are happy to share our plans with you. These changes will have a great impact on the Guilds feature. We are looking forward to discussing these changes on the Official Discord channel and our official stream.

Good luck, Summoners!

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