Game Updates – July 2021

sg patch notes july

We are doing our best to communicate with the SG development team, which is separate from Lionstale Games.

July 2021. This is a list of all the game fixes that the developers made, based on the player feedback we got. Thanks to everyone who helped to make SG great!

Patch Notes – July 2021.

Patch Notes (07/10)

1. Phantoms Rebalance (Read more here)

2. New Crystal Shop Rotation – Rebalanced Phantoms will be available in Crystal Shop.

3. Monsters Agro Range – The range for monsters chasing in Team Instances has been reduced

Patch notes (07/16)

1. Justice Day Event will start on July 17th at 00:00 UTC.

2. Bloody Overlord’s 2D image and 3D model have been optimized.

3. The Health of Monsters in Story Chapter 9 and Story Chapter 10 has been lowered.

Patch Notes (07/23)

1. The animation for the Opening Battle Plot has been optimized

2. The overall experience of new players in early Story Quests has been improved (adjusted).

3. Tutorial functions for new players have been adjusted.

4. Ayli’s rarity has been increased from 3* to 4* and her basic attributes are improved.

Patch Notes (07/29)

1. The difficulty of the Mastery Test has been adjusted.

2. Task system logic has been optimized.