Jumping on the test server

test server sg

Hello, Summoners!

For all of you strong on the nerves, we have a piece of soothing news to share.

A few days ago, we got few new, shining things to play with on the test server. But wait (like you, kinda, always do), everything is still in the “internal” phase, which means that only Enfare and LosmiNCL can play with these toys for now. Although we are confident that this time everything will be good, we are still haunted by history.

Moving forward, we will soon start accepting requests for the test server access. Gamers from our community will have the opportunity to jump on the long-awaited server and test new features.

For content creators, apply and we will give you server access, but on top of that, all content creators will have permission to stream and make videos during the testing period. Some restrictions may apply, but we will go over them together and find the best solution for everyone.

Please have in mind that at the start not all the applicants will get access to the test server. Like with everything else in life, some will have priority over others. But this is just at the start, moving forward we will keep adding more gamers to the server, so if you are interested, shoot us a message!

Here are some screenshots to spark interest.

god of death phantom summoners glory screenshot 1
god of death phantom summoners glory screenshot 2
Demon fortress god of death screenshot summoners glory
Apprehensive rune summoners glory
immortal rune screenshot summoners glory
sunder armor rune screenshot summoners glory
soul stone backpack summoners glory