Known Bugs & Issues

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Below is a list of known bugs and issues for Summoners Glory, collected mainly through the official Discord channels. Some are already fixed and we’ve made notes for all things worked on so far below.

SG development team is not under Lionstale Games control and we only work with them on this, meaning all we can do is pass your feedback onto them and urge them to do something about it.

Thank you for your feedback and I hope we continue working together to make this a better game!

Major breakdown of all bugs and in-game issues

(Stuff that happened to a larger amount of accounts)

  • Players’ story Progression was bugged and players couldn’t continue their Main Story Progression (fixed)
  • Players have experienced auto-defeat problems (fixed)
  • Players have lost part of their gear and resources (a visual bug that was fixed and all lost equipment was compensated to all who reported the problem)
  • Players couldn’t Sacrifice Phantoms (fixed)
  • Evolution for certain Phantoms was not available (fixed)
  • Visual glitch in Phantom’s roster. Certain Phantoms got wrong pictures (fixed)

LTG Comment: Most of the issues are fixed, but some fixes may not be implemented or may not work correctly. Players who still experience any of those problems should contact SG Support immediately on: [email protected]

Other known bugs and issues:

  • Level 210 Daily Blacksmith Quest for killing Sentry Mages could not be completed because after killing existing Sentry Mages on the map they couldn’t respawn again therefore players were unable to finish the quest (fixed)
  • Possible Abuse of Vigor in Instances – it is reported that a player who is already in Instance can send squad invitations to other players outside of Instance who then automatically teleports in an instance without spending Vigor. (this wasn’t possible before and Devs are claiming that it isn’t possible now as well)
  • Some players have reported that after summoning Epic Books a visual glitch appears with the summoning window that cannot be removed which prevents them from playing (fixed)
  • Some new players reported that their Story Progression is stopped after talking with NPC at Merchant Alliance ( fixed)
  • Some players reported that they are unable to create new accounts on different Servers (fixed)
  • Puppeteer doesn’t trigger the Oppression Rune Set bonus for all enemies with CC effects; the bonus damage is applied only on the primary target. (the bug is reported and should be fixed in the shortest notice)
  • Certain players cannot engage in Daily combat quests while in a squad (the bug is reported)
  • Auto-follow option for members of the squad automatically stops after the Leader of the squad being teleported (the issue has been reported)
  • Mystic’s passive “Rage” does not grant additional Critical Chance to the rest of the team (this issue is reported and should be fixed immediately because “Rage” ability was working fine not long ago)
  • Fragment Chests provide only shards of 1 SS Phantom –Ayli (Devs said it is intentional but they accepted to add shards on other common SS Phantom to the loot table)
  • Water Elf’s S4 “ Cleansing” does not work properly – the Cleansing icon appears above enemy team members but not a single positive effect is removed. (the issue is reported)
  • Puppeteer can trigger “unkillable” stats after being hit and paralyzed by Zeus – she heals constantly and cannot be killed. (the issue has been reported)
  • King Arthur’s passive ability to resist 50% of damage does not work against Secret Dancer’s passive ability to cause additional damage after each critical hit. (the issue has been reported)
  • Tutor mechanics does not work properly (Tutor mechanics is currently disabled and will be enabled in upcoming updates)
  • Guild Bonus is activated only for online members (the issues have been reported and we are currently pressing Devs that Gold Bonus become available for all guild members regardless of their activity status)
  • The “Mars” enchantment description is wrong. “Mars” increases both PATK and MATK but it is not cumulative with other PATK and MATK buffs from Phantoms skills. (the issue has been reported and Devs are currently considering how to adjust “Mars” enchantment and to not change the existing balance in the game)
  • “Spines” Rune of the orange quality may appear as a Blue quality Rune. (the bug has been reported)
  • It is not 100% clear how Accuracy, Resistance, PDEF, and MDEF mathematical formulas work so players are not certain how they should boost their phantoms (we explained the issue to Devs and we are waiting for an official explanation)
  • There are no accurate drop chances for rare Phantoms, Runes, and Evo Spirits in the game (we have asked several times that Devs provide the whole list of all Drop chances in the game. We will continue pressing them about it)