Lionstale Games Signs Contract For Summoners Glory

summoners glory wallpaper

Well, I’m Sold…

We’ve talked about what our first game for promotion could be and there was this unfinished combination of JRPG and Gatcha that we felt was just the diamond in the rough we needed. Well, we’ve decided to bite and sign a contract for promo rights to Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire!

We’re gonna risk it and we’ve entered a deal with the developers where we’re going to try and bring the game to the communities and bring it back from the dead. As mentioned earlier, the game was dead on arrival, for its production was halted before it was complete and it is in early access since.

summoners glory wallpaper

We want to try and bring in players who can then supply the feedback for SG, which we will get to the development team, and in turn, they have agreed to finish the game according to player specifications.

Summoners Glory needs a lot of work. It is a diamond in the rough, as we’ve called it before, but it is in a very rough stage. The development team and we have agreed to try and finish it as best as we can, and the game needs heavy rebalances, tweaks, updates, and patches.

If it does come back to life, we also plan to make a tight event schedule that would engage players even more, so that it would improve on the gameplay and the social experience in general.

Here’s hoping!