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Lionstale Games Signs “World At Risk”

world at risk

I guess we have an affinity for World War II.

We’ve talked to you guys about the next big game we are trying to get under our roof – the World War II mobile game titled World at Risk, or just WaR for short. Is it catchy enough, or too much perhaps?

Well, you are the judge of that…

We’ve signed it and we will be adding WaR to our offer pallet. We’ve also insisted on having a say in the game’s production, especially after it releases, but we’ve managed more than that. We’ve signed a deal where we get full control over the further development of the game, which will enable us to implement player feedback personally and organize our own events in this game.

world at risk

It is a World War II strategy mobile game

SLG is actually short for Simulated Life Game, but the term is so often used to describe strategy games that it has become synonymous with them, especially in Chinese game circles of the industry. WaR will bring all the hallmarks of the genre, including:

  • City Building
  • Auto-Battler Combat
  • Troop development
  • Alliances & PvP
  • World Wars
  • PvE campaigns

We will be shaping this game, which is, as mentioned, fairly complete and looks very promising to us. The engaging gameplay seems pretty much finished, the combat system is traditional and so is the world map exploration part.

world at risk

I Personally Would Love To Kick Hitler’s Ass

WaR expands on the technicalities even further than these kinds of games usually do, with numerous upgrades, repairing, researches, arming, buffing, and endless tweaks and nooks for players to look into and theory craft about.

The campaign storyline follows important dates from World War II and it is one of the pivotal game features. It is huge, includes voiceover dialogues, real historical figures, events, and it is actually educational.

world at risk

It will also allow for player participation

Lionstale Games has locked a deal with this game and WaR is now under our roof, which includes having our own partial control of the development. The original team that made this cool game is still here to do their part we just want to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

This means that our players will have direct input in the further development of the game. We will be highly responsive to feedback and we will be able to implement it, unlike in the past where we’ve had no other course of action but to just collect and present it to the SG developers, after which it is out of our hands.

WaR will be out this fall

World War II began on September 1st, 1939 and even though we can’t make it on that date, the game is coming in Q3 of 2021. It is pretty much complete we just need to do some finishing touches. We will also be working on historical educational material to go along with it, for it is a historically accurate mobile game. Stay tuned… When you hear the first shots and bombs goin’ off, know that the carnage has begun!