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LTG Will Participate in WaR Development

world at risk

We will have one hand on the wheel!

Our new project, the World War II mobile game WaR, is now our baby. We’ve learned from the past, and now we have LTG developers on the team that made this game.

Lionstale Games already has two people from our own team joining World At Risk development so that we can put the finishing touches on and, in the future, implement player feedback and organize events easier and more accurately.

World At Risk (WaR) is currently in its finishing stages of development. It is an SLG mobile game that deals with WWII from a historically accurate point of view.

With Summoners Glory, many of you have had to, unfortunately, suffer in-game bugs and, after you’ve reported them (for which we are eternally grateful) we pass it on to the SG development team. After that, it is solely their whim if they do something about it.

Needless to say, they’ve proven unreliable in the past on multiple occasions, including not coming through on new content we agree on.

world at risk

World At Risk is now our baby

Well, now, those problems won’t exist with WaR, if ever such arise. Let’s face it, every game has bugs and is always in need of fine-tuning, but SG is kind of an unofficial world recorder I think. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize and thank all the players who stayed with us and gave us feedback.

With WaR, we won’t have similar problems as we do have with SG. Here, we will just collect the feedback and immediately implement it, because the development is now under our care.

The founding team is still there to help us implement any changes, fixes, and tweaks we need (including two of our men with them). However, unlike the situation we have with Summoners Glory where we are forced to accommodate for the game’s production team that is a separate entity from us, this is now in the hands of Lionstale Games.

Out This Fall

WaR will launch in Q3 2021. We will start with in-game events immediately and we will have quite a busy schedule for our players. We plan on making it one of the most engaging games on the market. More info coming soon