Men + Tons of Guns = “World At Risk”

world at risk

What do you get when you get over 100 million military personnel from over 30 countries all armed to the teeth?

Lionstale’s hot prospect for the future!

Lionstale Games is testing a new game, this time in the SLG genre. If all stars align, we will bring you this title that would be a departure from the Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire in the sense that it is of a different genre. But, the dynamic multiplayer action is still there and that is what we feel is most important.

World At Risk is set in WWII, where players play as allied forces. The game is historically accurate (info taken from official sources) where the developers have strived to bring us the atmosphere of one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts ever.

world at risk

What is WaR?

World At Risk is a mobile game about World War II, built on the historical facts taken from official sources about this bloody, unfortunate carnage. It will have all the famous military and nation leaders, recognizable vehicles, weapons, and other instruments of war.

It is a strategy game, with auto-battler split-screen combat, which will be familiar to most. There’s the city building part, which is also done in the traditional manner. You have your own den to develop and a map to explore, gathering resources, training troops, researching tech, and waging war along the way.

If Mobile Phones existed back then, the war just might be averted as everyone could simply play it… Although, getting feedback from Hitler as a developer wouldn’t be fun I bet… “Das spiel ist scheiße!!!”

The campaign storyline will take the players through all major battles and territories we’ve learned about in school. That is the historically accurate part. Now, players will also fight each other, which is not that accurate from history’s viewpoint. In reality, that part came later…

world at risk

Main game features that made us consider WaR

All jokes aside, we think World At Risk has serious potential as an MMO game, for it offers engaging PvE and PvP content. I think that people who like SLG games and new people who want to try the genre will appreciate the traditional hallmarks and the unique things this game brings:

City-Building – Build up your city and grow in strength

Auto-Battler Combat – Set everything up beforehand and just watch your army go

WW2 storyline – We will be able to play a historically accurate World War 2 campaign, but command the armies ourselves

Troop development – You can research and unlock troops, recruit and train unique officers, collect and upgrade weapons that all existed in the real WWII, like the Panzer tank

Alliances – No war mobile game would be complete without them

World Wars – Besides the campaign storyline, the end game will be about capturing territories, cities, crushing the enemy, and more…

When will it be available?

If we choose to take it under our wing, WaR would be slated for an autumn release, 2021 of course. This is not far from now, but we feel the game is pretty much complete, not in need of a lot of tweaks, while we would be building events and making new content as we go. We will notify you all if this one is coming.