New Game: World at Risk

About the game:

The sound of War can be heard once again, except this time we are prepared!. Explore the story from World War 2 from a different angle by completing more than 250 different levels in 3 difficulties while waging a never-ending war with others who have the same goal. You, your allies, and your enemies will have more than 80 unique units and more than 50 famous Generals at disposal, so be sure that your strategy will be good enough to prevail. Be warned – enemies do not tolerate weakness! 

Game features: 

  • Base building
  • Recruiting armies and officers
  • Collecting and upgrading equipment
  • Making alliances and pacts
  • Single-player campaign battles
  • Player vs player war games
  • Attacking and raiding other players
  • Massive multiplayer real-time world war battles