Open-World MMO + Gatcha = Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire

summoners glory wallpaper

Okay, That Title Might Not Be Mathematically Correct, But We Feel This Is An Interesting Gatcha That Has Something Unique.

Lionstale Games team has sprung from the BMG (BlueMoonGame) website team and the first game that we want to promote might just be a diamond in the rough. It is a well-thought-out combination of open-world MMO JRPG and Gatcha genres, and it is called Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire.

This is a game that combines those two genres and looks quite stunning. The downside is that it is in early access and it is unfinished. The development team has run out of funds and the means to work on it more, so the game kind of died before it was born properly.

We might try and bring it back to life, but for that, we would need player feedback and participation in rebuilding it and continuing to shape it. It has a lot of potential and Lionstale Games might just make this our first baby.

What Is Unique About This One?

Summoners Glory offers a unique Party Summoning feature where the party of up to 5 players can open their summoning books, or do “pills” how it’s popularly called in JRPG games. Each more player will increase a chance for better champs.

It also combines elements of JRPG and Gacha genres and having the best of both worlds, we feel it is worthy of promoting and playing. If we choose to take it under our wing, we must work with the players and its development team together, and bring everybody in on it, before this can be shaped and completed into a finished game.