Our Thoughts for The (immediate) Future

Summoners Glory Eternal Fire

When BMG has decided to publish Summoner’s Glory, we knew that the game has great potential but we also knew that it will have to pass a long time before the game is ready for global release. Even though the game has had several major setbacks and even though it is still in early access BMG is confident that along with the help of the community we will be able to bring this game to the state where it should be.

During those several months, BMG has carefully observed and listened to the community, their complaints, and their wishes. We have gathered every report and every suggestion so we now have a clear picture of what and how should be done so that Summoners Glory reaches its full potential.

According to our plan, several things have to be done before the game is ready for global release.

First, we have decided to announce the game schedule for every month so players know without a doubt what they should expect. We already have announced the schedule for June but we plan to continue that practice every month. For this, we will need full cooperation from Summoner’s Glory developers (as for everything else) but we were clear that this is not negotiable. The community has pointed out multiple times that communication is the key, therefore we will do everything to let everybody knows what they should expect and when.

At this moment the majority of active players eagerly expect new content in the game. Summoners Glory has had 2 major updates in 8 months upon soft launch which is not enough to be keep players occupied and interested. We have decided that the game has to be updated once every 45-60 days, so the new content keeps track of actual players’ progression. At this moment It is obvious that new Instance and new Story Chapters will be added to the game but we have asked that new content should be expanded with other game segments as well. We have asked that in every new update some of those things be introduced:

  • at least 1-2 new Phantoms per update
  • opening of locked Demon Fortress Dungeons
  • adding new floors to Demon Tower and allowing players to repeat doing Demon Tower levels once they finish all existing levels
  • Adjusting Guild Boss mechanics to be more competitive and rewarding
  • Creating World Boss mechanics
  • Implementing Guild Wars mechanics
  • Opening the Auction House
  • Increasing of maximum Level, Evo, Rarity, and Quality of Phantoms, Gear, and Runes
  • New skins for every Phantom – skins should be upgradeable and should increase attributes of Phantoms
  • Regular fixing of all existing bugs between 2 updates

Some of those things are already ready to be released but the point is that from now on, the game should be updated regularly and both old players and new players should have exciting PVP and PVE experiences at every moment.

Besides this, BMG wants to honor every important date with Events. At this point, we have Tournaments, regular Events, and Rebalance Events. We plan to create even more Events and the idea behind it is that allow players to accumulate more resources from those events and by doing that we actually decrease the Evo cost of Phantoms. We plan that active players can accumulate at least double the number of regular resources from Events which would allow them to improve more phantoms and to have more different viable teams. With Rebalance Events we will improve all “weaker” Phantoms and with all new Phantoms from updates, players should have a wide variety of options and strategies for both new PVE and PVP. Conceptually, our idea is to decrease the Evo cost by granting players significantly more resources which should completely change the current overall game mechanics where 1 player objectively can improve only 1 team. The endgame plan is that all players strive to upgrade all phantoms and use them in different situations. However, if Evo cost needs to be lowered nevertheless, we will do that as well, but we will do it slowly so the game economy remains the same.

Another issue that we want to be fixed is the fact the players do not know the actual drop rates of Phantoms, Runes, etc … We made it clear that players should always know the actual drop rates of everything on the loot table. At this point, the majority of players complain that they cannot get anything from Epic Boos and that the drop rate of Evo Level 1 Spirits in Element Lord is too low. We must point out that with the introduction of every new phantom the actual chance of getting certain Phantom will be lowered because there will be more drop options, but we also assure you that we will adjust some impossible drop chances that exist now (eg. Goddess Zoe and King Arthur). We also asked that the drop rate of Evo Level 1 Spirits be increased to the point where a player will be able to normally farm it. Besides that, we plan to implement the mechanics of degrading Level2 and Level 3 Evo Spirits for a certain price in the Craft function.

Gold Guild bonus is extremely important for all players but at this point, only online players can benefit from that bonus when it is activated. We want to change that and we already told Developers that every guild member should have a Gold Guild bonus when it is activated regardless of the fact if they are online or not.

We already provided you with the full list of existing issues and their fixing status. Nevertheless, we plan that fixing bugs is done as fast as possible and that before the release of every new update Summoner’s Glory does not have any ongoing issues. To achieve that we have asked for the Test Server which is now available for our test accounts. Our plan is to add important members of the community and important Content Creators to the Test Server and to completely avoid bad things that have happened in the past. The list of people who have access to the Test Server will be public and will be open so every new member of the community who proves their dedication to the game can enter it any time.

BMG’s initial idea was that all games we publish be fully interactive and that players can actively contribute to the game design. That idea remains and we encourage you to share your suggestions and ideas with us because the bottom line of our plan is that Summoner’s Glory became the game that will fulfill all desires of its community. Be free to join us in our attempt to make Summoner’s Glory what it should be!