Community Feedback

Summoners Glory

We are doing our best to receive, read, understand, and pass on what you tell us would be good for the game. This doesn’t only extend to bugs and feedback, but also creative suggestions and good ideas people share with us on Discord.

This is something we’ve gathered and already passed on to the SG development team. It is in their hands now, but we would also like to show you some of it so players can see how other players view the game and think about it creatively.

Player Suggestions

There should be a confirmation to consume gems on “Quick Claim”


After a battle, the player can have a screen to show you how much damage each phantom did in the fight but give the option to skip it if some people don’t care.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to get an auction house, where you can sell your runes, enchantment fragments, etc, to other players?


Add a red dot to tournaments when they start. Make it more clear that the tournament is over since I keep seeing people ask “Why can’t I gain points” after they finish.


There also needs to be a rune button like the phantom button, where I can sort and evolve runes like I do phantoms.


It would be nice if guild leaders had a way to see which guild members were completing their goblin quests. There isn’t any way to have real accountability around that right now, which means it can be hard to consistently complete the guild-wide quests.


Seen someone before suggested picking up multiple warrants at once but that would let you complete multiple instance warrants in 1 run which I’m not sure is what the devs want. So I suggest warrant queues. You select the 15 warrants you want and you can hold on to them all while completing them one at a time. The difference is, you still have to do them all individually, however, you wouldn’t have to run to the NPC 15 times.


Allow players who completed the top stage of demon tower to run it again for daily quests and special missions.


When helping others open their epic books, it would be nice if the whole UI didn’t disappear so we could open chat and tell people they can take our spot if we feel like letting others get the gold books.


A couple of suggestions 1. clan boss to be revoked so all clan can kill it and get the reward next day like it is for example in raid SL since now clan boss is USELESS and doubt anyone does it, 2.
skill: “aggression” should be remade that aggroed enemies can use only their basic attack means a1. 3. skill paralyze should be renamed to “weaken” or something because in all games paralyze render the target unable to do anything – meaning losing a turn. 4. small table for top SS tier phantoms would be nice, meaning: % to get merlin, BO, KA, ZOE 5. guild shop – since I start playing that’s 160 days already I haven’t used it a single time


It would be nice to have a “home” location option so people can port to a farming spot and or a guild meeting/summoning spot faster.


Update the effect icon so people can tell one is active without clicking on the icon. Either change the icon to represent what boost is currently in effect, add a red dot once one is activated so people who were afk know to click the icon and check what the buff is, or even a timer under it so you can see how much time is left until the shorter boost will end.


A method to see exactly where to get each phantom’s fragments without having to look through every single stage of Phantom Abode would be great. Maybe if the grimoire had a place to click to see which stages had the fragments for the phantom you were looking at.


“Make skill phantoms easier to get or improve the drop rate of rare phantoms. One can open hundreds of books a not see a rare phantom. This is OK only if it’s easier to skill them after 1st copy. Skill phantoms should be in the crystal shop all the time with no rotation. Otherwise, new players once they realize how resource-intensive it is to Evo and skill a phantom will just get frustrated and leave. Just my 2 cents.”


“I think adding an “i” (info) button on top somewhere during boss fights which lists out the abilities of the boss and what sort of stuff he does would be helpful for beginners and to better learn mechanics. I watch these fights and am not really sure what happens in most fights. Maybe this is a personal dilemma but just a suggestion.”


“Nerf Bloody Overlord. The buff of BO has made Ankaris obsolete which is wrong because Ankaris is rarer than BO. BO now is able to self-buff and then use his multi hitter attack right after buffing we’re Ankaris has to wait for another turn after self buffing to attack, also BO multi hitter attack hits all enemy’s multiple times and very hard which is stronger than Ankaris multi hitter attack because it attacks randomly. So either nerf BO attack power by 50% to bring him down to Ankaris level or buff Ankaris so she is as good or better than BO being how she is much more rare phantom than BO.”


“It would be cool if different stuff dropped from level 20 of the rune dungeons. Maybe a random amity box, epic book, skill up phantoms fragment, etc. They can be rare drops but it would be cool to have a place where we could hard farm those items if we wanted to.”


“Give us more ways to get guild coins for gold boosts or create a “check-in” system for 50 coins per check-in by player. Most active guild on s3 can’t support gold boosts to actually play the game.”


“Turn Gold Boost into a consumable item. When the guild leader/deputies purchase it, it mails the item to everyone so they could use it when they need it. Waiting for people to log in so they don’t miss the boost is not player-friendly, especially because time zones are a thing.”


“It would be better if demon tower were repeatable because it would open up a lot of content for content creators to make videos on specific levels that people have a hard time getting past with different builds and methodology strategies.”


“Anabasis – Change the coding to allow higher quality Phantom replacements for missions. If the mission calls for an A Siren, make an A Siren the minimum but allow us to use an S or SS Siren to also match. Making players hold on to lower quality cards when Phantom storage is already limited just isn’t very player-friendly. And NOBODY playing wants to hold on to an A, S, and SS of everything.

Runes – Allow us to lock them! Once we start feeding runes we have no idea of telling what slot they are for other than looking at each, one at a time. The way it is now is not player-friendly.

Auto-evolve – Filter options, maybe checkboxes?”