Regarding Major Phantoms and Dungeons Changes

Hello, Summoners!

Together we have traveled a long road to be where we are today, in the situation where we have to tell you that we will not release already created and updated content. A year ago promises of new content often stayed that, promises.

We want you to know that throughout this journey called Summoners Glory: Redemption, we want to provide you with the best possible product. The already announced Phantoms and Dungeons changes at current state sadly would not make our game the best possible product at this time.

The idea was to rebalance the Phantoms and the Dungeons and let players test these rebalanced features. Some of you took part in the testing via the test server.

We wanted to release these updated features, our team created a YouTube teaser video, an article, and everything was pointing out that these features will be in the update. We had to stop it. We know that you did not expect this decision after already announced changes, but we believe that this is the best decision at this moment.

The reason for this decision is as follows.

After collecting the feedback from the test server and discussing the upcoming changes within our team, we decided not to release a partial rebalance. The release of a partial rebalance could create a greater imbalance to the already existing one. As we have already announced, we do not want players to “chase” after only seven or ten rebalanced Phantoms.

We rebalanced these Phantoms, they are available for testing on the test server. The rebalance of other Phantoms is on the way, and we will keep you updated.

Please apply for the Test server on our Summoners Glory Discord channel once the applications are open.

We appreciate your patience.

Good luck, Summoners!