Rust In Peace Localization Finished

rust in peace

We’ve been hard at work trying to bring Rust In Peace worldwide as quickly as possible. However, there are a few obstacles to reaching this, and one of the primary ones is, or it was, localization i.e. translating the game to English.

Now, we’ve received a rough version of the translation from Tencent, which means that we don’t have to do the entire translation from Chinese, but the version we got clearly has some flaws…

“Borrow me to smoke?”

Yup, these are the kinds of things happen throughout the game, when characters ask you “what! You mouth don’t need no?” But, luckily, we got the version of the original text as well so with a little help of a translator, Google, and your’s truly, the text is tweaked to acceptable English-speaking standards.

I’ve been staring at this document for over a month with around 18000 lines of text to be read and most of them fixed, but I’ve finally made it. RIP localization is finished and that means the game can be understood by all people who speak and read English.

Erm, you’re welcome…