Rust in Peace

rip rust in peace

What is RIP and why you should play it?

I wish I was better at math at school. But, looking at this game, the title above seems correct to me. Rust In Peace is the new game Lionstale Games will publish worldwide and it is a combination of all of the mentioned: adventure MMORPG and Gatcha genres, post-apocalyptic storyline, comic book art presentation, and it kind of borrows from the SAW movies (you’ll see).

Rust In Peace is a mobile MMORPG adventure that focuses on survival, gathering & crafting, combat, and socializing.

Enter A World After An Environmental Catastrophe

Things do seem dire in our world regarding the climate, do they? Every month we get some news about something new emerging from the melting ice on either pole.

There’s snow in Germany in the middle of July (2021). California, Australia, Greece, and several other countries are struggling with massive fires. And, global warming is slowly but surely becoming Global cooking.

Well, Survival Diary skips forward in time, our time (unfortunately it seems), and brings us a world after such devastations and catastrophes have reshaped the face of the Earth, literally. There have been several generations of survivors living a new life, much different than we live today in the sense that they are very, VERY mindful of nature and the climate.

Well, they have no choice now…

Dystopian Post-apocalypse

To top it off, the human race triggered nuclear weaponry somewhere around 2046 A.D. and it culminated in an apocalypse that swept the globe. After a period of darkness, after the rubble cleared, what survivors are left are now facing a new world, filled with various mutated species due to the radiation.

When the dust settles and the radiation dials down, you awake from cryosleep before others to find things as they now are.

SAW Meets Post-Apocalypse

After you awake, you immediately find that you are a prisoner of an enigmatic entity with a mask known from the SAW movies. It is your torturer of sorts as it puts the player in all forms of deadly challenges, room escapes, and puzzles.

However, the way the main character deals with him is rather funny, as you will see.

Main Game Features

  • MMORPG meets Gatcha
  • Detective Tasks
  • PVE & PVP
  • Build Up Your Shelter
  • Guilds & Emphasized Social Aspect
  • A Cool Storyline Set In An Interesting World Environment
  • Comic Book art & presentation
  • Boss battles and quests
  • Gathering and crafting
  • Weapons and armor

Tencent’s “Survival Diary” In Asia – LTG’s “Rust In Peace” Worldwide

If you’ve been following the announcements tied to this title, you know that this game already came out in Asia, published by Tencent. The title is Survival Diary and it received quite positive user feedback there. We have to change the name because the original title is already taken in Europe. But, I think Rust In Peace is a cool substitute.  

The first thing I like about this game is its detective aspect with riddles and puzzles integrated into a seemingly adventure/action environment. Puzzles are part of both PvE and PvE, and they enhance player experience in a big way.

Companions and progress

The players will have their companions to train and improve. Also, everybody makes and evolves their shelter, which also adds another cool aspect to the game. There are numerous interesting NPCs, quests, missions, inhabitants to recruit 9every one with its abilities) and much more…

Other features at a glance:

  • Real-time Auction House where players can sell and buy their equipment for in-game currency
  • More than a thousand pieces of different gear pieces and more than a hundred different gear sets
  • 4 major types of weapons with more than 50 kinds for every type
  • The players can improve their character in a lot of different ways (versatility and theorycrafting will be needed here)
  • 5 Different regions with 2-4 maps for every region and 8-10 explorable places that can be hidden or not for every map. Lore and quests are related and linked with every region that will enable the player to investigate places multiple times
  • 4 Raid Instances with specific drops required for farming and crafting the best equipment, and requiring players to participate in guilds
  • Specific Daily Tasks to farm the reputation with 5 different Factions
  • Collectible Art and Stickers throughout the game with buffs for every collected series
  • Immersive lore, clever humor, and explanations for every major twist or event
  • F2p friendly with an equal start and chance for everyone

Rust In Peace Launches By The End Of 2021

We are very enthusiastic about this title and would like to launch it as soon as possible, so we aim for a 2021 release date. Hopefully, it will be somewhere in Q3 or Q4. We will notify all who are eager to check this one out, so stay tuned!