There has been an apocalypse and you are thrown into the cold and brutal post-apocalyptic world. Many other people have managed to survive, by interacting with them you will get to know their day-to-day activities, needs, desires.

Rust In Peace is an MMORPG game with Gacha elements. Do not miss the great story following our main character in the game – You!


Story, Quests, and Exploration

  • Players are set in a post-apocalyptic world, follow the story through the main questline, optional, and legendary quests, and solve the mysteries of the Wasteland.
  • Explore every corner of each map for extra loot!
  • Finish specific legendary quests for unique achievement and reward!

Collect and level up partners

  • You are not alone on your journey throughout the Wasteland, collect the partners and put them in your formation!
  • Each partner comes with a unique set of skills and their role, Tank, Damage Dealers, and Support.
  • Upgrade partners, improve their rank, gain their trust and they will fight until the end for you!
  • Create your unique formation and test it out against other players!

Items and Collectibles

  • There are thousands of items that can be equipped, consumed, traded, improve your main character and partners in every feasible way!
  • The inventory system is well designed, easy to navigate, and simple to understand.
  • There is an Auction House where you can trade your excessive items and Bind on Equip gear

Awesome combat

  • There are three main weapon types in the game: Swords, Guns, and Wands
  • Equip your favorite weapon and engage in real-time combat. Use the action points to activate the abilities and crush your enemies!

Challenging Dungeons

  • Enjoy dozens of dungeons with unique designs, mobs, and bosses.
  • Get your hands on recipes, gear, crafting materials, and eventually Legendary Weapons!
  • Rust In Piece allows you to craft consumables, Legendary Weapons, and Gear!

PVP Arena

  • Equip the best gear on your character and partners, and head out to the mighty Arena!
  • Fight daily for the position on the arena and grab great rewards that come with the highest rank!
  • Complete mini-challenges and receive extra rewards.

Create of join guilds

  • Guilds are a HUGE part of the Rust in Peace!
  • Players are encouraged to join the guild as soon as possible!
  • Complete guild challenges, earn guild points by completing guild challenges and through general activity in the game.
  • Spend guild points in a unique guild shop!

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