SG, what is it and why should you play it?

summoners glory wallpaper

Summoners Glory is a cool game, so play it if you want to have fun. Was that enough? No? Well, okay.

Here we go…

Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire is a game that caught our eye some time ago, mainly because it has managed to do the impossible – that is to bring something new to a genre already vastly popular. I say impossible because there are numerous games in these genres (JRPG and Gacha) and many of them are quite good. To compete with that is to set a pretty high bar…

Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire combines elements of JRPG and Gacha genres, and with the best of both worlds it already has, it adds something new…

Unique Feature – Party Summoning

Summoners Glory offers a unique Party Summoning feature where the party of up to 5 players can open their summoning books, or do “pills” how it’s popularly called in JRPG games. Each more player will increase a chance for better champs.

Main Game Features

  • Still Early Access
  • Unique Open World MMO with all Gatcha elements
  • A demanding game that emphasizes the social aspect to progress constantly and easily
  • Lore linked with a wide variety of pop culture references
  • A unique sense of humor
  • High-end graphics and stylish visuals for a mobile game in general
  • More than 6 different ways of improving the main character (Summoner) and his team (Phantoms)
  • An enormous number of daily and weekly quests
  • Dungeons and Instances
  • Tournaments and events
  • Real-time PVP and normal PVP (makes for endless player engagement with high stakes)
  • Guilds (with up to 100 people) and constant Guild Quests for getting XP and Resource Boosts on a daily  basis
  • Events linked with real-life dates
  • Constant balancing of existing Phantoms
  • Interactive player participation via discord where community actively participates in game design
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • The real potential of the game is yet to be seen because the game is still in early access even though the amount of possible content for new players is huge

Our Plans For SG

When the Lionstale team first saw Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire, we all thought about how the game looked like it is in the AAA class, not just for its visuals but for the entire scope of things it attempts to do. Combining open-world MMO action with Gatcha, and then adding something new to the mix is by no means an easy feat.

Still In Early Access

We began promoting it as such and people did appreciate how underrated this game’s qualities were. However, we do intend to improve on the experience and we are trying to work with the development team to make it a more balanced and bug-free environment.

Summoners Glory Community

If you like the game or want to try it, join our Discord community and speak with us. We want to make this game primarily a good social experience and to try and work with the players and the developers together, and bring the two sides closer so that the game can evolve further.

Lionstale Games intends to help bring this game out of early access and into a completed state, shaped toward player feedback and our community, so come and play with us today!