Summoner’s Glory Redemption – Update Notes

SG Patch notes

New gameplay mechanic: Runes crafting

You can now craft runes! Farm new crafting materials in Demon Tower, Arena,  Demon Fortress, Tournaments, and Elemental Towers

Rune Blobs in Demon Fortress:

Rune Crystals:

Magic Dust from the Arena:

Magic Energy from the Arena:

Here’s the list of craftable runes. Some of them are new, while you’ll recognize some older, but redesigned runes:

2. New exclusive runes

Apart from new craftable runes, new farmable runes have arrived in Demon Fortress, expanding the rune and strategy variations for phantom builds:

3. Runes are revamped

Before, stars and rune color were the same. 1 star is a white rune, 5 stars was an orange rune. Now, those two attributes have separate meanings, and their combination represents the overall power of the rune.

The number of stars (rarety) indicates how powerful is the base stat of the rune. The color of the rune (quality) indicates how many extra stats can that rune have. Stars and colors can be of any combination. For example, you can have a white quality rune with a rarity of 4 stars:

4. If you have too many runes in your inventory, and you need some gold, now you can sell them. The greater the quality and rarity of the rune, the better the selling price will be.

5. With the addition of the new rune variations comes a more efficient sorting of runes. You can now sort your runes, ascending or descending, by level, rarity (number of stars), quality (color), and by set (type).

6. The cost for crafting is adjusted.

7. The story continues with new chapters! Discover sinister secrets in the Kairasia desert and the new instance Takmir’s Palace.

8. Yes, you’ve read it right! A new instance, Takmir’s Palace will put you against the long-forgotten tyrant Takmir and his minions.

9. Every instance now have four difficulties: easy, hard, hell, incubus

10. Speaking of difficulty levels, new difficulty levels are added to the phantom abode. If you’ve completed all the stages of the phantom abode, you will unlock the next difficulty level. Difficulty levels are: easy, hard,  hell, incubus.

11. Rewards in instances are optimized according to new difficulties.

12. Demon Tower now has 600 floors!

13. If you like towers in general, I have a piece of great news for you: There are 6 of them now! Apart from the standard Demon Tower, Summoner’s Glory now has 5 additional Elemental towers: Waves Tower, Flame Tower, Tempest Tower, Light Tower, Abyss Tower. Each of them has 280 levels.
You can only send phantoms of the same element to the corresponding elemental tower. For example, for the Flame Tower, you can only send fire-type phantoms.

14. Because of this new requirement for elemental towers, a new feature is introduced special formations for each elemental tower. If your phantom is in elemental tower formation, he will have a specially colored crossed swords icon in your phantom roster.

15. Difficulty and Rewards in Element Towers are optimized

16. Each Tower has a leaderboard

17. The Player’s level cap has been increased to level 600

18. The way you upgrade your phantoms has been changed. Phantoms no longer accumulate exp from battles, nor you can level them up by sacrificing exp or other phantoms. To level up your phantom, you’ll need a new special resource called “Soul Power” in combination with gold.

19. You can evolve your phantoms past Evo 8. New Evo levels are Evo 8 with 1 star, Evo 8 with 2 stars, Evo 8 with 3 stars, Evo 8 with 4 stars, Evo 8 with 5 stars

To evolve your phantom past Evo 8 you’ll need a copy of your phantom of Evo 4. Those are very high evolutions, and you as a summoner will need more powerful Evo spirits than rank 3. Use rank 4 and rank 5 spirits for such advanced evolutions!

20. You can use the Evo Exchange function with your Time Key for up to Evo 8 phantoms

21. The highest possible level of a phantom is now level 280

22. To upgrade the skill of your phantom, you’ll need to sacrifice either a skill phantom or a copy of your phantom

23. New Feature – Resonance System. You can now level up your phantom for a few hundred levels up by just placing it in the Resonance slot! His new level will depend on your weakest phantom in your top 4 most powerful phantoms in a roster.

You can unlock new slots by sacrificing SS phantoms and spending new currency “Star Coins” which can be found in Phantom’s Abode, King’s Warrant, and Phantasmagoria.

24. A brand new phantom is introduced: Ripper. Good for resurrecting your phantoms, removing buffs on enemies, and placing the sleep effect on enemies.

25. Phantom attributes are adjusted

26. The number of phantoms max limit can be visible (similar to the number of bag slots)

27. New Demon Fortress “The Ripper” is unlocked

28. Rewards for Wolfdemon of Darkness and King of Fiery Dragons are adjusted

29. Equipment color (quality) determines how many extra stats equipment can have. white and green gear can have 1 extra stat, blue gear can have 2 extra stats, purple gear can have 3 extra stats and orange gear can have 4 extra stats

30. Equipment now has 20 different star ratings in total. From 1 silver star to 5 red stars

31. New Armor Set: Night Owl

32. New armor sets: Brutal Obsidian Armor set,  Reinforced Obsidian Armor set, Truesight Obsidian Armor set

33. Boost stones have been replaced with Rune Stones. There are 4 different types of runes stones: Starter Rune Stone, Simple Rune Stone, Average Rune Stone, and Elite Stone. Each of these types can be of any color: green, blue, purple, orange.

You can use Rune Stones for upgrading your gear or for forging new gear.

34. Upgrading (boosting) existing gear with rune stones:

Which type of rune stone you’ll need for an upgrade depends on the color of the stars. For example, for silver star equipment, you’ll need Starter Rune Stones.

What color of rune stone you need depends on the color of the equipment that you wish to upgrade. From the example above, I have a purple weapon, so I’ll use purple Starter Rune Stones for an upgrade.

35. New gameplay mechanic: Be a blacksmith – Forge your new equipment!

Collect Rune Stones and craft your new gear. Which type and color of rune stone depend on the color of your desired equipment and its color of stars, just like in upgrading.

36. You’ll use Smelting stones for Reforging instead of Reforging Stones. You will also have the ability to lock attributes that you like, do attributes won’t change, but you will pay Reforging with more smelting stones.

37. New gameplay mechanic: Idle rewards. You will accumulate Essence of Life, Gold, Character Exp, and Soul Power over time. You will accumulate resources when you are offline too!

38. New Feature: Day and Night cycle. Come and visit Ertos in the evening, it’s lovely!

39. The number of max phantoms you can have in a roster is displayed

40. New Arthur skin is available in the shop

Black Knight Arthur

41. New Puppeteer skin is available in the shop

Royal Puppeteer

42. You can see the list of all effects in the game, their icons, and what they are doing. Labels and icons for the effects can be seen easier in the battle.

43. Main Quest Rewards are adjusted to provide newly resources

44. Battle sounds are optimized

45. Server stability is improved and “Unresponsive mobs” bug are the thing from the past

46. Team mechanics in instances are optimized and bugs related to teams have been fixed

47. Skills have been adjusted for  Lord of Shadows, Ayli, Sea Warrior, and Jester

48. Graphics and GUI are greatly enhanced

49. Phantom cards(art pictures) are now in HD

50. Glove pieces of armor will give you additional Accuracy while Mantle pieces will give you Resistance

51. Regular mobs will never have an Immune effect on them

52. The Accuracy vs Resistance formula has been optimized and you will see those two stats in the middle of the battle.

53. Tournaments have been optimized. A brand new event has been added to the daily activities. Be active in the tournaments to acquire points for this event.

54. Rewards in Element Lord are adjusted (and much more rank 1 spirits with this new drop rates!)

55. There are now 20 Mastery Levels with different objectives. Buffs that mastery test gives to your character and phantoms are now percentage-based.

56. The level of mobs and quest rewards for Main Story quests has been adjusted.

57. Tutorial and early Story quests are different.

58. Royal Trove changes!

Of those 12 fields, 3 fields have a lower chance to be picked up. Those most valuable 3 fields will also change after the Refresh, while the rest of the fields will remain.

To draw something, you’ll need a special new item called Royal Trove Key

59. Goblin Trove has been adjusted

60. Levels of the mobs in the map zones are now scaling according to your level. For example, if your character is level 215, the mobs you encounter will be level 215. Level labels of mobs above their heads have been removed.

61. King’s Warrant quest rewards have been changed to provide newly implemented resources

62. Anabasis is reworked