Survival Diary title Changing To – Rust in Peace

rip rust in peace

Lionstale Games is negotiating taking over RIP development!

For this game to come out worldwide, the name Survival Diary has to change. From now on, this game will be known as Rust in Peace, RIP in short. All hail new king!

Survival Diary = Rust In Peace

The game takes the player several decades into a dystopian future, into a world devastated by a nuclear catastrophe. Shelters begin opening up and the player is among the first survivors that have awakened from cryosleep.

rip rust in peace

We Want Control Of The Development

To avoid repeating the SG scenario (many of you know of) we insist that any game we promote is under our direct control, at least to a large degree. Well, we are now offered a deal for RIP where we will get complete control over it, with the original Heyijoy team still there only to implement anything we instruct them.

Implementing Feedback Is Crucial

Rust In Peace is a finished game, it is already up and running in Asia, but it will take some tweaks and translations before we get it worldwide. We will probably be organizing beta tests and collecting feedback from our players, for which we will be informing our audience.

So, if you’re interested, stay tuned!