The promise of the Update

summoners glory

Let’s start.

  • New gameplay mechanic: Runes Crafting

Enfaire’s comment: the Craft function is a source of unlimited possibilities in Summoners Glory. Crafting Runes is just one of them. This is a great idea that is suggested to Devs a long time ago. The Craft Function could also be used to solve some ongoing game issues such as luck of Level 1 Evo Spirit materials, etc… In order that this new feature is good, challenging, and interesting, only one condition must be fulfilled – new craftable Runes must be significantly better than existing ones.

  • New system: Soul Stones

Enfaire’s comment: According to the information we have Soul Stones will be used for inlying Phantom Skins. Each Phantom should have additional Skins that will have several inlying Sockets where a player can put Soul Stones. Soul Stones will be similar to Runes and they will increase Phantoms basic stats and attributes. Also, it is important to mention that Souls Stones will be gained through crafting, same as new Runes

  • New Demon Fortress dungeon with rune fragments

Enfaire’s comment: At this point, 2 Demon Fortress Dungeons are locked in the game. That is “Mystic” and “Morganter”. It is not clear which Dungeon will be unlocked but according to the information we have, this new Dungeon will be used for farming ingredients needed for crafting new runes. Developers are kinda secretive about it, so we will have to wait and see.

  • New exclusive runes (craftable)

Enfaire’s comment: As I said before, new Runes are always welcomed and needed. New Runes increase available tactic possibilities and make players occupied and interested while farming the optimal Rune Set Up. On the other hand, implementing new Runes is always a tricky job because they must bring something new to the game, offer new possibilities and be at least good enough as existing Meta Runes. I hope for the best, especially since those new runes seem to be obtainable only through crafting.

  • New main story chapters

Enfaire’s comment: As long as there are new Chapters to the main Story, the existing community will have reason to play Summoners Glory. This is one of the most important features in the game and it should be updated at least 2 months ago.

  • New team instance with new equipment

Enfaire’s comment: With New Story Chapters always come the New Instance. New Instance means new Bosses and new equipment. The importance of the new Instance at this point is sufficient to say. At this moment “Palace” is locked in the game, therefore it is logical that it should be a new Instance. However, we didn’t get confirmation that “Palace” will be a new Instance which may be a good thing for the long run.

  • New Phantom Abode chapters and difficulty rebalance

Enfaire’s comment: New Phantom Abode Chapters are obviously needed as task requirements for New Story Chapters but other than that I don’t see that this will influence the game greatly. All existing phantoms are already in possession of most of the players so another farmable Phantom spot will not change anything much. If there is a new Phantom in the new Phantom Abode Chapter or if there can be farmed materials for new Runes that would be a different Story. I don’t want to be negative, so I will not jump to conclusions before I see it in the game.

  • Introducing a new feature – Day and night cycle

Enfaire’s comment: Developers spent a lot of time and energy building and implementing Day/Night rotation into the game. This feature was not asked from them nor anyone ever mentioned that it would be good that we have a visual difference of that kind. Is this good? – Well, it is always good that the game looks better, especially for new players. Is this needed? – In my opinion, many other important things could be done before this which would make the community happy and satisfying. This is my opinion and I am maybe wrong … I certainly hope that this will not affect the game’s stability and smoothness, because if it will (God, forbid …) this will be the greatest waste of time that I see in my whole life. As I said earlier, I want to be optimistic and I really hope that this will be a nice addition to the huge potential Summoners Glory possess.

  • Battle sound system is optimized

Enfaire’s comment: This is another cosmetic feature added to the update. Current music samples in battles can indeed be annoying after a certain time so if this means that we will have new sound effects and new music samples, I am satisfied with that. Music and Sound is a matter of taste, so this feature will definitely improve the experience of some players.

  • Buffs and debuffs descriptions (labels) are optimized

Enfaire’s comment: For 8 months, I have tried to explain how much is important that players can see descriptions of all status effects in the game. Summoners Glory is not the only mobile game where you couldn’t learn all effects but this feature is so important that any more excuses about it were simply not acceptable. I realize that when players do not know for sure what some skills and effects do they cannot complain that something is not working as it should, but if Developers want to have a serious product this should be done a long time ago. This feature could definitely bring more problems to Devs but new players, promoters and everyone else will now know for sure what their Characters and Phantoms do. I am really satisfied because this is done at last.

  • Number of Phantoms indicator is available (similar to the number of bag slots)

Enfaire’s comment: Ok, this is Life-Quality Feature that will help players arrange and use their rosters. This is a simple addition that will help everyone. Unfortunately, we do not know if this means that the roster capacity will be increasable but at least we will not guess how many Phantoms we can summon at the time.

  • New Arthur skin is available in the shop

Enfaire’s comment: New Skins are always welcomed by a large percentage of players – everyone wants to have their characters look different and good art is always appreciated. However, we must look into this combined with the information that Soulstones will be introduced because from now on Skins (or certain Skins) will be infused with Soulstones which will significantly influence the game balance and value of certain Phantoms. This is definitely a good thing, but I need to see that everything is functioning as it should before giving my final judgment.

  • New Puppeteer skin is available in the shop

Enfaire’s comment: Same as for King Arthur’s new SKin

  • Player level cap is increased to level 230

Enfaire’s comment: Increasing level Cap in games like this should not be done very often, because it usually means implementing completely new Mechanic and new features. New Level Cap always comes with a big update or a full game expansion. We had the increasing of Level Cap 3 times in the last 9 months which is too often in my opinion. This could be justified if we are to expect that New Evo Levels and completely new features will be released in the next update. If this is done just to “ease” game-play of new Content and to give players the feeling of progression, I am against it. On the other hand, when the community waits for the update this long it feels natural to increase the level cap but at the same time, it witnesses that updates are not released in the proper time cycle. I really hope that after all this, Developers have learned from their mistakes and that the next Level Cap increase will be when it should be.

My thoughts

This update is coming at least 45 days late and we have a bitter taste regarding all that happened in the meantime. Honestly, this update answers most of the community requests regarding Summoners Glory but we must be skeptical about it because we witnessed major problems after every big update by those Developers. They insist that the update will be ready on 25th August and they want us to announce that date as the release date.

Unfortunately, we are not prepared to announce that date because we don’t want to have another huge setback only because the game is tested on the live server, which is never a good thing. I am not saying that Developers are not up to the job because they eventually fixed all problems they caused, but I want to say that we will announce the Update release when and only when we are 100% sure that everything is working as it should. For that, we will need the help of the community because we are willing to put as many important members of the community as possible to the Test Server when Developers say that the Update is ready for testing.

We are aware that the patience of the community is thin but we are also 100% sure that the only way to return the trust of that same community is to release the Update without problems. That is why we will not announce this Update for 25th August even though Developers may release it on their own if they don’t accept our proposition for testing (we can test it ourselves but we want to include the most important members of the community as well). In short, we will decline the easy solution (announcing 25th August as the release date) which could lead us to another problem and we will do everything we can to provide players a quality product they all waited for long.

In the meantime, we will arrange Events on our site with really amazing rewards to prepare you for the upcoming Update and we will start collecting data of all players who are willing to help us testing the new content.

Lionstale Games is proud to have a community that believed in us from the start and we will do everything we can to reach the expectations!