“Versus Event” coming soon

Versus event summoners glory

Hello, Summoners! How’s that Evo VIII going? Well, if you miss the main ingredient, Phantom that never drops (unlucky), here’s some good news!

We are toying with this new idea, Versus Events. Every month we will organize a community event where we pick two elements (fire vs water, light vs dark, you get the idea), and players vote for one of them. Chosen Champion will represent every element. Well, in this case, Phantom. The winner(s) gets a Phantom with the most votes!

Simple example:

Versus event: Light vs Dark

Representing Light: King Arthur

Representing Dark: Puppeteer

Every player has to place allegiance to one of the elements! (by voting for dark or light).

Element with the bigger army (most votes) will be victorious.

Bravest Summoners (winners of the event, picked randomly) will have the champion of the winning element join their team (you get a Phantom)! And that champion may also bring an abundance of treasures (you get free stuff).

Rinse and repeat every month.

It is a general idea so far, and hopefully, it’s good, or maybe it sucks. Feel free to comment on it on Discord!

We are toying with this new idea, Versus Events. We always look for new ideas to bring fun to the community. You have ideas, share them with us! We need a laugh in these dark times…