We are bringing Survival Diary Worldwide!

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Lionstale Games is proud and happy to announce that we’ve reached a deal with the Heyijoy studio about their game and they have agreed to let us publish it worldwide.

Published by Tencent for the Asian market, Survival Diary is now coming worldwide, brought to you by yours truly!

Survival Diary is a mobile game developed by Heyijoy studio. It is best described as a flexible adventure MMORPG, presented in an American animated comic style. The story is set several decades into the future after a nuclear war devastates the Earth in 2046.

The player is the first human that awakens from cryosleep (in his particular shelter) and starts to explore this now new hostile world filled with mutated, ominous things. We quickly find out that someone was waiting for us to wake up and is playing an ominous game.

I Am Still Uncomfortable Talking About the SAW Movies!

When the main character (the player) wakes up, a masked entity is waiting, and it forces us into various deadly puzzles and challenges, similar to how it does in the SAW movies.

Survival Diary Main features include

  • Post-apocalyptic world
  • PvE & PvP
  • Live Auction House
  • Gathering materials and crafting
  • Food and Survival
  • Shelter (den) development
  • Arcade-style combat
  • Guilds & social
  • Gear and weapons
  • Comic book art & presentation

The name “Survival Diary” will change

Since Lionstale Games is bringing this title worldwide, we will have to change the name for it is already taken. We will update our esteemed audience when we have progress on that, as we are looking for a cool name, and we hope to bring you this title soon!