We are on the lookout for a new game!

rip rust in peace

We are testing a new game with Gatcha elements (and in the MMO niche), but this time with a different flavor than our previous titles. It is a game Tencent published in China called Survival Diary and, if all goes well, we might see this game brought worldwide by Lionstale Games.

After The Doomsday

The story starts after a big nuclear disaster swipes the world in 2046. The player is the first human that awakens from cryosleep as he starts exploring the world and finds strange things waiting. Among the many mutated things emerging from everywhere, there is a mysterious entity known only for its masked face that welcomes the player into this new world with deadly puzzles and challenges.

rip rust in peace

SAW + (Post-Apocalypse) = Survival Diary

The entity will be familiar to all who watched the SAW horror movie saga as it similarly forces various dangers and challenges onto the player. Given the post-apocalyptic conditions, hunger is a thing, warmth, and necessities of course.

We Want This Game

As mentioned, Survival Diary has been published by Tencent in the Asian market (with good reception). It looks and feels very cool to play, so we would, very much, want to get it and publish it for the rest of the world.

Fingers Crossed!