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Welcome to our channel!


We are happy to announce that a test LTG stream is going live for the first time on Wednesday 16th of February at 22:00 UTC.


What do you mean by a test stream?

We have not organized an official Lionstale stream before, but we want to be even closer with you, our community. We want to share our point of view, listen to your questions, suggestions, and have fun together.

There will be talks about future events on the channel. The plan is to have a stream live every week.

This week the stream will also be live on Friday 18th of February. We will keep you updated on the stream schedule for the upcoming weeks.

SshockzZ, the Content Creator Manager from our team, will be the host. Alongside him, a guest host for our first show will be Jtown7, a Content Creator.

They will talk about Summoners Glory: Redemption, hot topics about the game, upcoming changes, plus we will give away lots of Summoners Glory: Redemption goodies.

Join us on our channel and say Hello in the chat!

See you on Wednesday evening!

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