What is WaR and why should you play it?

world at risk

World At Risk is a strategy mobile game, currently in development, about WWII, that’s the gist of it. It is in the SLG genre, which means simulation life game, but the abbreviation has been so commonly used to describe strategy games, that it stuck.

WaR is not just WWII-themed. It has historically accurate content, acquired from respected sources and public knowledge (no tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, I’m afraid). The game’s storyline campaign follows all of the major events, while the players control armies, generals, country leaders, and more from that time.

world at risk

WaR is an SLG mobile game about World War II

Here you play on the side of the Allies, of course, and relive all of the major battles from that bloody carnage. Now, player performance is a thing, so the outcomes of these battles won’t always be historically accurate, but that’s the price of a vicarious experience in gaming, isn’t it…

Players can control various historical figures, country leaders, and officers. Each brings its own set of improvements to your armies, which are also historically correct. Units, vehicles, weapons, and other recognizable instruments of war are all accounted for in the game.

Lionstale Games prohibits the use of Nazism in the game and condemns it everywhere else

world at risk

Auto-Battler Combat

While the strategic part of the war is being waged on a large map, with bases and territory supremacy, combat has the auto-battler style in WaR. Preparations for combat are crucial, while you then only watch the battle unfold, or you can set up the auto-resolve option.

world at risk

Build Up Your Base

Each player has their base like it is traditional in the SLG genre. You build various buildings there, do research, troop training, preparations, weapons, and much more. Of course, players can attack each other’s bases in the PvP aspect of the game, and no strategy mobile game would be complete without that possibility.

world at risk

Immersive Atmosphere

World At Risk carries with itself a genuine WWII atmosphere. Metallic surfaces, screws, armors, tanks, locomotives, and all the wonders of the industrial age’s pinnacle are nicely presented here. PvP battles will be fought for resources and supremacy, while the campaign is fought for world peace, of course.

world at risk

In Development

War is currently nearly complete and in the finishing stages of development. We are aiming for a Q3 2021 release, somewhere in September or October. We will announce it through our channels so anyone interested can check it out.

Lionstale Games will also organize a beta test event closer to launch, so all interested players can participate in what we plan to make a live online test event.

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