World at Risk Showcase: Armory

Armory is the place where you will gather, repair, train, and dismantle your troops. Currently, there are 20 Tiers of units divided into 4 categories – Tanks, Infantry, Artillery, and Tank Destroyers. By improving your technologies, you will slowly unlock better and better units which will generally decide your effectiveness on the battlefield. Once the unit is obsolete you can dismantle it for a portion of the resources invested.  During the battles, some units are destroyed and some are damaged.

Destroyed units can be replaced only by new units while damaged units can be repaired for the price. Think carefully about what is best for you because sometimes making new units is cheaper than repairing old ones. Every true Leader will embrace the chance to command some of the most iconic weapon pieces from World War II but only the best will successfully use them for gaining victory!

In this video, we will explain the armory, how to unlock, make, repair, and dismantle the troops, and how to add them to the army.