World at Risk Showcase: Equipment Factory

Equipment Factory is the place where you can make improvements for your units. There are 4 different kinds of equipment for every unit and several quality tiers for each kind. Do you need better suspensions for your tanks? – visit Equipment Factory. Do you need better scopes for your snipers? – visit Equipment Factory. Do you need better armor platings for your destroyers?  – visit Equipment Factory. Does your Artillery lack speed? – visit Equipment Factory.

In short, if you want to be sure that your armies will have an advantage against enemies, be sure that your equipment is always upgraded. To help the war effort, every player will have several equipment items granted every day with a chance to get important blueprints needed for better units. In short, Equipment Factory is one of the most important buildings in the upcoming WAR, so be sure to visit it constantly! 

In this video, we will explain the equipment factory, how to craft and upgrade the equipment and how to enhance troops.