World at Risk Showcase: Resources and Currencies

All Wars are waged because of resources and territories and WAR is not an exception. Iron, Stone, and Sulfur are needed for Manufacturing, Technology, Recruitment, and Improvements. Fuel and Energy are needed for moving troops on War Map and in Campaign. Gold is the overall currency used for purchasing most of the items in the game.

Blue Gems and Red Gems are the premium currency for which you can buy crucial boosts. Blue Gems can be obtained only by Recharging and can be used for almost anything – all packs, boosts, speed-ups, and summons. Red Gems have the same value as Blue Gems but those are gathered by doing game different features and have limited use (only certain items can be bought). If you want to win a WAR, having control among all resources is one of the most important if not the most important objectives. 

In this video, we will explain resources and currencies, what are they used for, and how to obtain them!