World at Risk Trailer

Keeping up with your enemies is not an easy job! That is why improving the base and technologies is one of the most important duties for every ambitious leader. Improving factories grants better equipment for your troops and troops with the best equipment usually stay last on the battlefield.

However, improving your buildings cannot be done without resources, and often your income will not be enough to satisfy your needs – do not worry, there is a war going on and you can always claim resources from your enemies. In the end, only the strongest and most cunning leader will claim the victory. Are you that person? 

Game features: 

  • Base building
  • Recruiting armies and officers
  • Collecting and upgrading equipment
  • Making alliances and pacts
  • Single-player campaign battles
  • Player vs player war games
  • Attacking and raiding other players
  • Massive multiplayer real-time world war battles